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Power Breakfast; Be My Limited Partner; BMW Love; Have A Nice Day; Lets Do Lunch;
Margin Call; Inside Trading; KaKa Shuffle; Capitalist Tool; GOP; To Be A Brad Man

Brad Factor:10

Mario B Mario, Chris Gifford,
Adam Wacht, John Molloy,
Even Steven Levee

After 15+ years,
the forces of nature had conspired to bring 5 old men back to the stage
for 2 nights: Thursday, April 1 @ Bowery Electric& Saturday, April 3 @
Don Hill's NYC. Barely able to stand, BF:10 played their old standards &
performed like young bucks in a field. Thursday nights show @ Bowery
brought 1100 rockers starved for what once was and to pay
homage to Tommy Gunn's event "A one night stand, 20 Years Later".
Saturday nights show @ Don Hill's for Nicki Camp's
" Cat Club Reunion"
was to a more intimate crowd for the second coming of "Factor".

Inevitably it was obvious
Brad Factor:10 still puts a smile on the faces of old and new fans. Enjoy the footage:

Additional Camera work provided by Terrence Poindexter

Above is the intro to our Don Hill's Show. The audio is lousy but hell, we were old and tired
(as you can see in the video)

"Have A Nice Day"
Filmed on location at Bowery Electric April 1, 2010 and Don Hill's April 3, 2010

Filmed on location @
Bowery Electric for Tommy Gunn's 20 Years After 04/01/2010 and Don Hill's 04/03/ 2010

Brad Factor:10 April 3, 2010 (photo by Harry Slash)

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Brad Factor:10 Live at Bowery Electric

Brad Factor:10 Live at Bowery Electric

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