Arthur Steuer {photo by Rainer Preuss)

Arthur Steuer Recording Credits i-potato music


Arthur Steuer
Producer, Guitar, Keys, Programmer , Song Writer
A New York City native, Arthur grew up in a family with a father in the entertainment business. Imagine Jimi Hendrix showing up for dinner unexpectedly while dad is working with his clients (The Chambers Brothers or Lenny Bruce). This was a typical day, until dad ran off to India to be a fool on the hill. Becoming a Buddhist Monk seemed out of the question at the ripe young age of 14 to Arthur, so he chose instead to move to Florida with his mother. It was there that he took up surfing, bikini-chasing, and rock'n'roll. He joined his first rock band, Kilgore Trout, as the soundman. Thus
shifting his focus to the sound console, and that is where it all began. Arthur moved back to New York City in 1986 and, at his neighbor Dan Hartman's suggestion, went to work at Unique Recording. Working hands on with so many talented engineers and producers on such a wide variety of musical genres has helped Arthur to develop an impeccable sense for his craft. Since then he has worked on varied projects such as: Run DMC, Madonna, Miles Davis, Roberta Flack, Dave Van Ronk, The Controls, Dionne Warwick, Dl Byron and many many more. In the early 90's, Arthur and longtime friend Even Steven started their own production company. and recently took the next step in creating their own independent label, i-potato music. Poised to bite the musical world on its ears, i-potato is gonna make you wanna lick your plate!


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