TRP (Gun Hill)
TRP (Gun Hill)

Even Steven Levee - The Bass Master General

From The Street To Your Ear - i-Potato Music

Protected By Love
"Protected By Love" Newest CD from Barbara Lee George produced by Even Steven Levee

Help Us Eat
"Help Us Eat" EP from Gun Hill

MC Magic D
MC Magic D

Phoenix Bird
Rising Project
New from Phoenix Bird Rising Project - The Robin Hood Song

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i-Potato (L to R) Arthur Steuer, Even Steven Levee (photo by Rainer Preuss)
-photo by: Rainer Preuss-
Homefry . . . . Lumpy

Lumpy "n" HomeFry

Even Steven Levee & Arthur Steuer

two key ingrediants a Bassist and an Engineer

Big Ol Boom Boom

It was way back in the 20th century when this likely pair of mercenaries decided it was time to do for themselves what they had been doing for others for so long. Starting out as a production team working with friends and clients developing talent and demos eventually led Lumpy and Homefry to the realization that there was an overwhelming amount of unrecognized talent out there going to waste. The 21st Century found many artists having to fend for themselves with fewer places to play and fewer ears to find them.

The age of the Independent Artist was upon us and i-Potato saw it coming.

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i-potato music is an ASCAP affiliate