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Barbara Lee George Protected By Love

by Joe Viglione on May 19, 2011

Charlie Lang ~ Turn The Music On

By Dan MacIntosh October 08, 2005


Brad Factor:10
“The Yuppies from Hell”
Brad Factor:10 at LeBar Bat

Brad Factor:10, “The Yuppies from Hell,” (the 10 being silent,) is composed of five guys who used to play a lot back in the day at Danceteria and other venues in NYC circa1991. I have no idea where they have been or what they have been doing for the past 19 years, but they came back with a vengeance! They took the stage as if they have never left in their preppy clothing clearly mocking the 9-5er’s in this world making me wish I was around in 1991 to see them rock it back then. They were a blast from the past, and caused everyone in the room to beg for more as they closed out their set.

The party was a great success. The people who attended were truly there for the music, and in return they dressed up to the nines and played the part. After all, isn’t that what ‘a scene’ truly is at its core? A group of people who are passionate about a certain type of music and in return dress the part to express their passion physically? I think that now-a-days certain people in ‘the scene’ are too concerned with seeing and being seen that they forget what its really about. Thank you to Tommy Gunn for coming back from the past to remind us, please don’t wait another 20 to do so! Love your friend who will not compromise,
The Frogge April 7, 2010

Brad Factor:10 Rocking Hard To Maximize Your Investment

Brad Factor:10 Rocking Hard To Maximize Your Investment

Brad Factor:10

Danceteria Press

Live at Danceteria

Brad Factor at LimeLight Press

Brad Factor:10 Live Performances

Brad Factor:10 Live Performances

Brad Factor:10 Live Performances

Adventures In Booking Bands

It was 1992 when I was asked to be one of the talent coordinators for the United Nations Earth Pledge Concert Series. After booking bands for the last couple of years at some of New York Cities hottest clubs (Limelight VIP Room Jam, Danceteria/Rocketeria, Space at Chase, Lions Den) I felt this was not only the icing on my cake but it was one bite closer to having a mouth full. The goal was to book 22 - 25 acts to perform in New York City's Central Park in the course of a weekend concert and to be simulcast worldwide while interacting with the Earth Summit in Brazil. A grassroots effort to promote environmental awareness was the underlining theme. Everything seemed wonderful.


Duff McKagen

Gun's N' Roses bassist, Duff McKagen seen above (actually resting on the floor of an elevator) just after signing the Earth Pledge at the Hard Rock Cafe New York City.
Photo from Life Magazine 40 years of Rock & Roll Special Issue

The concert was mounting up to be a very special event. Suddenly everything changed. Our Nations President decided to boycott the Earth Summit in Brazil just as the Dinkins Administration suddenly realized additional licen$e$ needed to be applied for and the festival was to be rescheduled.

An alternative plan went into effect and a new concert site was located on a Long Island Native American Reservation. The entire show was rescheduled from re-establishing contacts to booking each artist and then the final logistics which included travel, lodging and equipment considerations.

Next Road Block: Apparently the reservation land had been used to store fire department equipment and a fence was put up to protect the gear. This cause and issue with entering the property when we brought the insurance company out for a site survey. Later we discovered because someone had not excersized their tight of way for a number of years, someone else envoked squwaters rights and the land no longer belonged to the tribe. Members of Long Island's official force began making threatening phone calls to our office.

Suddenly the phone rang and a new venue was laid in our lap. This time in New Jersey.. Waterloo Village.

With a shortage of time in front of us all we could do was do it all over agian. We knew we were facing embarrasment in the industry but we were so intent on putting this show on, we just kept going and finally rebooked the entire show for a fourth time...

It all seemed so worth it but when the States all but forgotten Anti - Woodstock law came out of the books via a mouth piece for the lawyers representing the people of the town of Bynam, it did not look good. After winning the first bout in a court of law we thought hoped we were on out way. Knowing what we knew and after everything we experienced, we also took into consideration the posibility that we still had to deal with the town of Bynam's appeal.. It was back to court. This time the venue pulled the plug.

"That was the best thing to come from all of this."

Motorhead made it into town and jammed with me at Danceteria.

In short the Earth Pledge Concert Series seemed like it was doomed, The concert became a concept more than a show. With politics clashing with ethics. The Earth Pledge became a concert without a home and was soon known as the UNCONCERT.

We were exhausted and did not wish to persue.
It was time to move on..

The press to the right explains most of this. It is a little hard to read and I appologize.

There is a lesson to be learned here:

When the president does not support a world wide event promoting ecological awareness, do not book the corresponding concert. Apparently this point was not in the book until now..

Adventures In Booking Bands
© 2003 E S Levee i-potato music inc

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Super Models

Joe Lynn Turner & Theresa Lynn

The Un Concert

Woodstock In My Backyard "I don't think so"Woodstock In My Backyard "I don't think so"
Woodstock In My Backyard "I don't think so"

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