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Lumpy and Homefry and their new office space (photo by Rainer Preuss) photo by Rainer Preuss
Lumpy n HomeFry seen above busy at work in their lovely new office space enjoying an early morning East Village flounce.

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Big Ol Boom Boom

Lumpy n HomeFry

It was way back in the 20th century when Lumpy n HomeFry performed their song Big Ol' Boom Boom for good friend Reiner Preuss. Reiner decided he just had to work on the track with our two heroes. He brought in mutual friend Wrecia Ford with her amazing voice, and Big Ol Boom Boom became the mother of i-potato. It was still the 20th century and no good song could live without a video. That's when another good friend, Danny Cornyetz shows up in this twisted vine of a script and says "hey, let me edit your video". The only thing needed now was a camera and thats when the phone rang. It was Ross Byron calling to tell the dynamic duo about his brand new camera. Ross was immediately recruited and this is where the flouncing begins.

Take a trip down Memory Lane with Lumpy n HomeFry in search of "The Big Ol' Boom Boom"
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