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99 Percent

The Robin Hood Song


I love my Bass: Tobias Classic 6 String
I loved my Tobias Classic 6 String - photo by: Nicole Vicker

The Bass Master General 5 string Fretless

MTD (Michael Tobia Design) 5 String Kingston Bass

Tobias Classic 6 String Bass - photo by: Nicole Vickeri-Potato - Arthur Steuer and Even Steven Levee

Even with Rhythm Club at Kenny's Castaways
Fernandez 4 string with EMG Electronics

e73 Fender Jazz Bass and Custom Even Steven Levee Bass Master General 5 String Fretless - photo by: Bruce Burkhart
PRS 5 String (left) - 73 Fender Jazz Bass (black) BassMaster General 5 string Fretless

The Return of Brad Factor:10
Brad Factor:10 out of jail and on stage

Brad Factor:10 at Bowery Electric April 1, 2010Brad Factor:10 at Bowery Electric April 1, 2010
Steinberger 5 String

Alembic Distillate
Alembic Distalit - photo by: Phin Daly

Early 70's Rickenbacker LifeSource 1975 Fender Jazz Bass - Deborak Stone on piano
Vintage Rickenbaker Bass - 1974 Fender Jazz Bass

13 years Old
1964 Gibson EB3

Martin Custom Shop Mahogony Acoustic Bass
Martin Custom Shop Acoustic Bass

My Bass Master General 5 string Fretless was a bit to
heavy. Therefore, I decided to put her on the "Bass Diet"
The following videos show a few of the steps taken.
Ultimately she was sliced in half and hollowed out in a
few choice areas. I changed the bridge to something
a little lighter. I will likely change out the tuning machines
as well sometime in the future. All in all she is feeling great!

Bass Diet Faze 4 (no audio)
The Bass Diet Faze 5
Even discussing renovations with
his basses builder Eric Klaastad

The Before


The After

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