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"The Bass Master General"

Even Steven Levee

The Bassist, Producer, Composer

Even utilzes Protools 8, Cubase, Sony Acid
and just about anything he can get his hands on in
his personal studio. He is a cross platform Mac and PC
user and possess the ability to adapt to new technology,
this comes second nature . He loves his toys and makes
good use of his old school and new school tricks of the trade.

Even Steven Levee "highly recommends URS Plugins"

Even Steven Levee highly recommends URS plugins

Below are some of the artists Even plays bass with and/or
produces. Even is co owner of i-Potato Music inc. and
i-Potato Music Publishing. Even is affiliated with ASCAP.

'Out Of This World' the new release from TRP (Gun Hill)
Available Now On iTunes

i-Potato Music "From The Street To Your Ears"
Gun HillMC Magic D
The "Big Ol Boom Boom" is the mother of i-Potato

The Music Of Peter Green with Even Steven Levee on BassThe Music Of Peter Green with Even Steven Levee on BassThe Music Of Peter Green with Even Steven Levee on Bass Barbara George.. Bass by Even Steven Levee
The Slashtone ........-------------...----------...Jim Savitt......--------....................
The Slashtones with Bassist even Steven Levee The Slashtones with Bassist even Steven Levee Jim Savitt with Bassist Even Steven Levee Jim Savitt with Bassist Even Steven Levee
"Turn The Music On"Produced and Bass By: Even Steven LeveeBarbara Lee George & TRP (Gun Hill) Brad Factor:10 "The Ten Is Silent"
Even co-wrote & produced To Tight and Stomping GroundsBarbara Lee George: Bass, Produced and Mixed by Even Steven Levee Match Box UniverseStormin' Norman & Suzy

Listen to: Save America©2004
Listen to:
Count The Vote ©2000
Voice of the People
Joe Butle
and Even Steven Levee

Partial List Of Past Credits for Live and Recordings

Anthony Michael Hall - Barbara Lee George - Bernard Purdie - Blues The Hard Way - Bobby Nathan - Boobie Night and the SoulCiety - Brad Factor:10 - Buzzy Linhart - Charlie Lang - Turn The Music ON - Denice Taylor - DL Byron - Dusty Diamonds - Empty Bucket Music - Empty Pockets Publishing - Freak Parade - Gun Hill - Hadiza - Harry & the Slashtones - Hedy - i-potato - Jim Savitt - Joe Butler (lovin' spoonful) - Johnny Thunders - Joy Ryder - Karla with a K - Katie Mac - Lenny White - Lez Warner - USUK Productions\Warner Chappell - LifeForce (produced by Frank Filipetti - Lost at Home - Love Alien -MC Magic D - Malo - Moogy and his All Girl Band - Moogy and the Mojo's -Moogy Klingman Band - My Life On The Street the Joe Homeless Story (musical) - NazzTopia (dvd) - Paul O'Rielly (OUR BLOOD FOR OIL) - Peter Green "Rattlesnake Guitar" - Peter Green "Song Book" - Phaedra - Pro- file Band - Ray Gomez - Shelly Riff - Skywall - Slashtones - Stormin' Norman - Stormin Norman & Suzy - Tenson Music Publishing - The Blues Volume 1 (eagle rock) - The 253 Boys - Tinderbox pro- duced by Lenny White - Tom Falic (EH Morris Publishing) - Tommy Mandel - Tony Smalios Productions - Troy Turner (mp3 from Rattle- Snake Guitar) - TRP (Gun Hill) Out Of This World - Voice Of The People - Vince Converse - ZRS

The 253 Boys .............................................................Rhythm Club TV
..................................Rhythm Club TV

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